About Us

At 18 years old, Tucker purchased his first property for house flipping.
This initial purchase led to more and more property purchases and… you guessed it!
Many more dumpster rentals!

After completing many projects and realizing that roll-off dumpsters are an integral part
of the renovation business, they decided to partner up and create their own affordable
roll-off dumpster business. With a focus on convenient, economical, and prompt
dumpster delivery, they have taken their company to the next level of customer service.

Tucker and Russ created Rocket Rolloffs as a way to help other entrepreneurs out while
also adding their first-hand knowledge of what the customer wants and needs! With
many years of experience in the dumpster rental business as purchasers of the
dumpster rentals, they have the know-how to provide exquisite service to you every time!